Craft beer & Wine

Craft beer

On tap!

Glarus Premium Pale Ale 4,2%

330/500ml 5.00 / 7.50 BGN

/pale ale/

Glarus Saison 5,0%

330/500ml 5.00 / 7.50 BGN

/Saison with 4 types of malt and 2 sorts of hops, cardamon, coriander, orange zest, with golden color and delicate aroma/

White Stork Cosmic Debris IPA 7,0%

200/400ml 6.00 / 11.50 BGN

/dry-hopped IPA with Centennial, Chinook and Citra, with citrus and grass aroma/

Visiting from Germany! Mahrs Bräu Helles 4,9%

200/400ml 4.50 / 8.50 BGN

/German lager made in Helles style with creamy foam, golden yellow color, delicately spicy with a slight sweetness and a malty finish/

White Stork 330ml

Original 5,5%

9.50 BGN

/richly hopped pale ale/

Kinky Afro 4,2%

9.50 BGN

/hazy craft pilsner with elegant floral aroma/

Orange Crush Pilsner 5,0%

440ml / 11.50 BGN

/dry hopped pilsner with Mandarina Bavaria/

Timeless Wild Ale BA 5,9%

375/750ml 32.00 / 54.00 BNG

/Limets based Wild Ale with fermented pineapple Tepache including ginger and Habaneros, barrel aged for an average of 25 months in Oak – collab with Nevel Artisan Ales – Netherlands/

Beer Bastards 330ml

Meltum Brewery 330ml

Lazy Milkshake Session IPA 3,6%

500ml 13.00 BGN

/Session IPA with low alcohol and high hop aroma/

Meltum G-n Hops S.M.A.S.H Amarillo APA 5,0%

500ml 11.50 BGN

/APA with aroma and taste of orange, combined with the non-aggressive bitterness/

Love4IPA 5,7%

9.50 BGN

/IPA with coppery color and fruity and pine flavors/

HomeBrewStar 2022 330ml

Metalhead Brewery 440ml

Space Lord IPL 5,5%

13.50 BGN

/richly hopped India Pale Lager/

LickItUp APA 5,4%

12.50 BGN

/American Pale Ale with fine caramel taste/

Sweet Stout of Mine Imperial Stout 10,5%

14.50 BGN

/Imperial Stout with Crème Brûlée and rich chocolate and vanilla taste/

Avren 600 500ml

Astral Vision IPA 6,2%

13.50 BGN

/American West Coast IPA with smooth body, moderate bitterness and an explosion of floral and citrus aromas/

Kvartalna Sreshta Juicy Pale Ale 4,7%

12.50 BGN

/easy-drinkable, juicy American Pale Ale, generously hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops/

Glarus Craft Brewery 500ml

Signature Black Sea IPA 6,0%

8.50 BGN

/unfiltered IPA with unique character, that combines Bulgarian hops, English brewer’s yeast and high-quality European malt/

Signature Hazelnut Brown Ale 5,5%

8.50 BGN

/dark ale with 5 types of malt brings aromas of roasted nuts and smoke/

Ruwet Cider 330ml

Others 330ml

Clausthaler Non-Alcoholic

6.00 BGN


Craft cocktail! 600ml

Variation of “Hugo”

17.50 BGN

/prosecco, limoncello, elderberry, soda water/

Variation of “Ginger-Lime Spritz”

17.50 BGN

/prosecco, ginger, lime, soda water/

On tap!

San Martino, Glera, Prosecco Brut

150ml / 6.00 BGN

/Veneto, Italy/

Sparkling 750ml

Prosecco Spumante Brut, Tini

44.00 BGN

/Veneto, Italy/

White 150/750ml

Sense of Tears, Dimyat

42.00 BGN

/Maryan Winery, Bulgaria/

Katarzyna, Chardonnay & Viognier

7.00 / 34.00 BGN

/Katarzina Estate, Bulgaria/

Black C., Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Gris

8.00 / 40.00 BGN

/Santa Sarah Winery, Bulgaria/

Fleur du Pays, Sauvignon Blanc

40.00 BGN

/Languedoc-Roussillon, France/

Dr. Loozen, Riesling

46.00 BGN

/Dr. Loosen, Germany/

Babich, Sauvignon Blanc

12.50 / 62.00 BGN

/Marlborough, New Zealand/

Rosé 150/750ml

Katarzyna, Rosé Syrah

7.00 / 34.00 BGN

/Katarzina Estate, Bulgaria/

Poesie, Pinot Grigio Rosé

7.50 / 36.00 BGN

/Cantina di Soave, Veneto, Italy/

Le Masoulier, Rosé

42.00 BGN

/Pays d’Hérault, France/

Red 150/750ml

Chiflik Livadi, Organic /Syrah, Merlot, Rubin, Ruen, Early Melnik/

44.00 BGN

/Chiflik Livadi, Bulgaria/

Black C., Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot

8.00 / 40.00 BGN

/Santa Sarah Winery, Bulgaria/

Villa Wolf, Pinot Noir

48.00 BGN

Villa Wolf, Pfalz, Germany

Figaro, Rouge

7.50 / 36.00 BGN

/Languedoc-Roussillon, France/