Peruvian cuisine days

It is called the oldest fusion cuisine in the world. With its 5000 years old history, the Peruvian dishes have combined the culinary cultures of 4 different continents. They are distinguished by rich aromas and simple but fresh products from the colorful recipes of seafarers.

From 29 March till 2 April we offer you 6 of the most remarkable tastes of Peru, declared as a national heritidge.

Choose your vegetarian or meat menu here:

1. Vegetarian menu (w/ fish):

Tiradito /variation of ceviche with white fish, marinated in rice wine, peppers pesto and citrus, and lemon vinaigrette with mustard/150g
Papas a la Huancaina /baked potatoes with spicy cheese sauce with Taggiasca olives, Cayenne pepper and Harissa, with fresh salad mix with cucumbers, radises and mustard dressing/300g
Papas a la Huancaina /dulce de leche and sour cream moussle with meringue with cinnamon/150g
Price:50 BGN

2. Meat menu:

Causa Rellena /potato dip with avocado, pulled chicken with sun dried tomatoes and capers, and sweet potato cream with yellow curry/200g
Anticuchos de Corazón /roasted veal hearts, marinated in ruby portwine, peppers pesto and herbs, with red quinoa salad with bulgur, noodles, cucumbers, radishes and lemon vinaigrette with mustard and sumac, and Arab bread/300g
King Kong /brownie variation with dulce de leche, spicy strawberry and pomegranate cream, and crème fraîche with lime/150g
Price:50 BGN

Choose your menu and book a table via phone 088 999 1867, or our contact form or Facebook.
The price is for 3-course menu incl. VAT and a compliment of classic Peruvian cocktail – Pisco Sour.