Craft beer

On tap!

Glarus Premium Pale Ale 4,2%

330/500ml 5.00 / 7.50 BGN

/pale ale/

Glarus Hazelnut Brown Ale 5,5%

330/500ml 5.00 / 7.50 BGN

/dark ale with 5 types of malt brings aromas of roasted nuts and smoked hazelnuts/

White Stork Original 5,5%

200/400ml 6.00 / 11.00 BGN

/richly hopped Pale ale/

Visiting from Croatia! The Garden Brewery Milkshake IPA 6,2%

200/400ml 8.00 / 15.00 BGN

/IPA with loads of lactose, sweet, creamy and juicy with notes of mango, passionfruit, strawberry and vanilla/

White Stork 330ml

Original 5,5%

9.50 BGN

/richly hopped pale ale/

Kinky Afro 4,2%

8.50 BGN

/hazy craft pilsner with elegant floral aroma/

Take Me Somewhere Evil 6,8%

10.50 BGN

/West Coast IPA with blood orange, Citra, Centannial and Amarillo hops, in collab w/ Horizont Brewing, Hungary/

Troïka NEIPA V.1 Citra Showcase 7,3%

11.50 BGN

/nectar colour, creamy texture, rich mouthful and long aftertaste w/ Citra Showcase BBC, Spectrum & Lupomax/

Troïka NEIPA V.2 Mosaic Showcase 7,3%

11.50 BGN

/hazy NEIPA presenting Mosaic hop variations – Showcase BBC, Spectrum & Lupomax, Cryo Pop/

White Stork Troïka NEIPA V.3 HBC630 Showcase 7,3%

11.50 BGN

/NEIPA w/ HBC630 hop variations – Cryo Pop blend, HBC630 & Citra Spectrum/

White Stout BA Jamaican Rum Casks 8,5%

15.50 BGN

/aged for 5 months in Jamaican rum barrels with coffee, chocolate, rum and vanilla aromas/

White Stout BA Sauternes Whiskey Casks 8,5%

15.50 BGN

/aged for 5 months in barrels of Sauternes elegant wines, later used for whiskey with soft and balanced taste of coffee and vanilla/

Timeless Wild Ale BA 5,9%

375/750ml 32.00 / 54.00 BNG

/Limets based Wild Ale with fermented pineapple Tepache including ginger and Habaneros, barrel aged for an average of 25 months in Oak – collab with Nevel Artisan Ales – Netherlands/

Beer Bastards 330ml

Bash Bio IPL 4,5%

10.50 BGN

/Bio pilsner brewed in India Pale Lager style – in collab with Brouwerij Troost, Netherlands/

Boho Soul Gose 4,4%

10.50 BGN

/fruit sour beer, Gose style, with raspberry, strawberry and cherry/

Ice Cream Mafia 4,5%

10.50 BGN

/sour beer from the style Gose with mango, passionfruit, melon and guava/

Basi Kefa IPA 5,8%

10.50 BGN

/richly hopped white IPA with added wheat/

Meltum Brewery 330ml

Lazy Milkshake Session IPA 3,6%

9.50 BGN

/Session IPA with low alcohol and high hop aroma/

Love4IPA 5,7%

9.50 BGN

/IPA with coppery color and fruity and pine flavors/

Ruwet Cider 330ml

Apple Cider 4,5%

9.00 BGN

/classic apple cider, made from 100% Jonagold apples, naturally gluten free/

Brut Cider 4,5%

9.50 BGN

/dry, low alcohol and naturally gluten free cider, fermented and bottled in Belgium/

Elderberry Cider 4,5%

9.50 BGN

/sweet cider with added elderberry and Muscat grape/

Others 330ml

Clausthaler Non-Alcoholic

6.00 BGN

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